2021/04/29 13:07:44  Written by Canarian Weekly  National

The UK Ambassador in Spain, Hugh Elliott, said in a press conference this morning (Thursday) in Palma that the UK Government is studying the possibility of British tourists being able to travel to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands from May, if the incidence rates of the coronavirus are low enough, regardless of the epidemiological situation in the rest of Spain.

At a press conference, he confirmed that his Government has already received this request from the Balearic regional Government and said that it is “very well founded by the low level of infections in the islands after very strict restrictions”, with “quality information on the evolution of the pandemic“, and the fact that being ‘isolated’ with direct flights to the United Kingdom prevents the spread of the virus, as well as their scientific capacity to sequence the virus in the islands.

He said this morning that the British Government has taken this request “very seriously” and is studying the possibility of travel to the Canary Islands as well for the same reasons, as there is a “joint interest for British people to be able to travel to their traditional and favourite holiday destinations as soon as possible”.

In any case, he stressed, the UK Government will inform whether or not it allows its citizens to travel abroad from May 17th next week, and to which countries and under what conditions, such as the anti-Covid tests that they must present upon their return.

The president of the Balearic Islands Government, Francina Armengol, met with Hugh Elliott yesterday in Palma, on the UK Ambassador’s first official visit to the Balearic Islands since he took over the role, which the pandemic has prevented him visiting many areas.